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Royall Indoor Wood Boilers

These indoor wood boilers are hand crafted in America and are manufactured with precision and with state of the art equipment. All of these boilers are tested in extremely cold climates making them suitable for all climates and many applications. They connect easily to any existing conventional air system and will stand the test of time and ensure a warm, happy home or business. Start saving money on your heating bill today!

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  • Proven Performance – Royall Boilers have been designed and built for the coal and wood industries since 1968!

  • Multiple Building Use – Just one of our systems will heat several buildings. Our boilers are suitable for residential and commercial uses.

  • Durable, Efficient, and Precise – You’ll be able to save on electricity and fuel costs with our boilers. Each one is designed with the intention of being the most efficient and long-lasting boiler on the market. All of which are built right here in the USA to the ASME code.

Model Specifications

Specifications 6130NS 6150NS
Estimated BTUs: 130000 150000
Weight (lbs): 780 905
Fire Box Volume (cubic feet): 6.25 8.1
Log Length (inches): 26 26
Door Size (inches): 10 x 14 10 x 14
Flue Diameter (inches): 6 6
Water Capacity (gallons): 23 35
Boiler (W/H/L): 24 x 44 x 38 26 x 51 x 38
Specifications 6200NS 6300NS 6490NS
Estimated BTUs: 200000 300000 490000
Weight (lbs): 1250 1650 2900
Fire Box Volume (cubic feet): 13 17.7 50
Log Length (inches): 26 43 56
Door Size (inches): 17 x 17 17 x 17 24 x 32
Flue Diameter (inches): 6 6 10
Water Capacity (gallons): 90 135 260
Boiler (W/H/L): 36 x 59 x 38 36 x 59 x 55 50 x 74 x 74

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